Koota Ooma

With Koota Ooma we implemented what’s called a ‘perma link’ system. Which is to say we made the urls more human readable. This accomplished two things:

Firstly if you know the name of the book you want, it’s a simple matter of going to www.kootaooma.com/my_book_name. More importantly the effect of permalinks on Koota Ooma’s search engine rankings was incredible. Now Koota Ooma is listed in the top 5 for most books in their stock. The effect of this increased their sales considerably!

We also added a system for listing out all books in their inventory for Google to collect easily whenever their spiders crawl the site. This ensured that every book they have is listed on Google.

We were also responsible for developing all but the shopping cart flash components.

The slideshow of products on the front page was created using Slide Show Pro and a custom menu SSP plugin we created.

www.kootaooma.com | Collaborators: Kingcom Media