Nutrichem Personalized Health Solutions


Nutrichem needed an update for their shopify store. They needed a more modern design as well as some movement of key elements of their category and single product pages to increase conversions. We also created a sticky menu and upgraded their home page slideshow to be able to play videos.

Categories Page

collections-before-after We made slight adjustments to the site design overall. Namely we changed the colour scheme to better match their logo and existing branding. We also removed some design elements such as the background gradient to simplify the overall design and draw more focus to the products.

For the categories page we switched the product layout to 2 columns instead of letting them float around the navigation. We also shrunk focus away from the product images and brought in an excerpt of each product’s description. We included a larger, clearer call to action on each product. Finally, we cleaned up the page navigation at the bottom.

Single Product Page

singleproduct-before-afterFor the single product page we removed the category sub menu and expanded the content area to the full width of the site. We then created a more prevalent hero section for the product images along with its “about” blurb. We drew more focus to the price and Add To Cart button by increasing the overall size and changing the colour of the price font. Because we felt that the biggest selling point of Nutrichem’s products is what they contain and what they do, we expanded the information sections from being hidden behind tabs to content sections under the hero section.