Redhead Productions

This is the result of a complete redesign for the client. We started from scratch with the goals of embeded video and Search Engine Optimization. For easy maintainability and scalability, the video play with menu is in a custom cfm tag that accepts an optional video to auto play.

For the video we compressed the video in house to maximize quality and minimize file size. We compressed to mp4 to maintain high quality video, and then altered the files to allow them to still progressively download.

For SEO, we acquired a number of new keyword rich domain names, as well we ensured clean, semantic, easily crawlable markup. In particular, the video menu is simply an unordered list of linked images for maximum crawlability to ensure search engines had no trouble finding all the video pages.

We also submitted the site to a number of business directories. We installed WordPress and customized an existing theme to match the site.