Roman Hurko

For Roman Hurko we were tasked with designing a full ecommerce suite. For his menu I created a custom Actionsript component. Completely and easily styleable. Over the years, adding or changing menu items has been easy and quick.

The site also called for an mp3 player for previewing his music. It also had to interact with the rest of the site so customers could easily preview tracks before purchase. We did this with a flash player. The player can receive commands from links on the site for playing tracks that are previewable. Furthermore the player uses ID3 tags to show the information about each track. That means, that come time to add new tracks, it’s a simple matter of putting the files in a folder on the site and the rest is taken care of for you!

For his payment gateway, we integrated Roman Hurko’s site with Paypal. I also created a little tool, that, come tax season outputs a nice spreadsheet of the year’s earnings.