We made SEVBIA for the Sheppard East Business Improvement area. The idea being that it would be a free and easy place for businesses in the area to advertise. To accomplish this goal we payed extra special attention to the search engine optimization and marketing. To help potential customers find businesses easier, we integrated Google Maps.

The site would also be publishing stories for public consumption as well as stories for business owners only. To accomplish this we used WordPress for the back end and story submission. We then put together a small reusable framework for coldfusion to easily pull the stories and display them in the site.

For Search Engine Marketing and Optimization we implemented a perma-link strategy for individual business pages as well as setting up the site so that any time a new business was added or an existing business changed, Google would be notified.

We also built a custom full featured content management system for the BIA administration to track and manage member businesses. Because there would be more than one person with access to this system, we also created a logging system to track Administrator actions, so multiple administrators would not be getting in each other’s way. | Collaborators: Kingcom Media