Tarragon Theatre

As one of Toronto’s oldest not for profit theatres, Tarragon needs to stay current with a growing youth and new Canadian population, while remaining authentic to it`s longstanding, loyal subscriber base.  The previous Tarragon Theatre website was cumbersome, and difficult to navigate, and they needed to streamline functionality while providing new visitors with a fresh glimpse into their heritage, as well as the exciting and groundbreaking programming to come.

Tarragon required a complete site redesign as well as a move to WordPress. Being a long established company with a long history, the amount of content they already had was fairly substantial. In an effort to make their past and future content way more manageable we developed theme and a plugin for them. The plugin implemented several custom post types and taxonomy terms to help give structure to their content. It also separated the content related functionality from the theme so it wouldn’t be locked to the theme in the future. The plugin also included functionality for easily importing show dates from their front of house ticketing software.

The theme was created from scratch, working with their in house designer.